DMC Étoile (“star” in French) is a new six-stranded, hand embroidery floss line with a subtle twinkle.  Like a star, the shimmer is not overly flashy; rather, the sparkles are small and consistent throughout the thread.  Composed of 73% cotton and 27% Lurex, this floss has a soft, airy texture.  DMC Étoile thread is available in a good but limited selection of 35 colors—each matching the number of their cotton floss counterpart but prefaced with a “C” (e.g. C972 is the Étoile version of the cotton 972).  Because of the "kinky" nature of this floss, we recommend that you use a thread conditioner like Thread Magic or beeswax for smoother stitches.

We will get the rest of the Etoile line in stock in the coming weeks, so if there is a specific color you'd like us to order in, please let us know!




C840 - Med. Beige Brown